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William Wagoner - Naval Air Warfare Center

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William Wagoner

William Wagoner

Naval Air Warfare Center


Pittsboro, IN 46167

(317) 892-3997

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About William

Biography coming soon...I began employment at the Center in 1976 as security guard, and accelled to fire protection inspector were I graduated from as a crash rescue and structural fire fighting school at the Chanute Air Force base. I was the only inspecter to accomplish this task. Myself an another inspecter were in charge of the fire brigade who were the first responders to all emergencies at the 12 acre main building, I have an extensive backround in packaging and preservation of defense equipment that requires very elaborate, detailed, and sophisticated procedures. In addition I have had training and operated forklifts, handjacks, and battery operated pallet transport equipment during my tenure as a packer at the Warfare Center. My 25 years at the Center was very rewarding and the moments I look back on with gratitude for the organization which allowed so many to be gainfully employed. Unfortunately the Center was closed as a result of the Government base closures that impacted us all in one form or another. This resulted in   many individuals making very hard, even harsh decisions over their future. Simular to the times we are facing today only the impact appears to be more widespread, deeper, stiffer, and who really knows what the answer will be or when it will all end.