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LocalAutomation.com is quickly becoming the premier online destination for the industrial automation industry.   As an automation seller (i.e. manufacturer, distributor, integrator, or custom machine builder), you're able to create an online profile for your business - complete with a company logo, company description, and a list of local contacts.

You can then upload an unlimited number of products, press releases, upcoming events, job openings, and more - all for free!

Everything that you upload is visible to the thousands of visitors who stop by LocalAutomation.com each day and automatically gets included in our weekly newsletter.

All of the features, shown below, are available absolutely free!   To take advantage of these features, simply open a free account.

Promote your business to the world's largest, fastest-growing network of automation professionals!

When you are ready to truly transform your business, take a look at our advanced selling features.

Advertise Your Business

With absolutely no programming experience required, anyone on your staff can edit your Local Automation profile page by uploading products, posting events, posting job openings, issuing press releases, and more. Each time someone submits new content, Local Automation creates a new, professionally designed webpage which is meticulously optimized for high search-engine rankings.

Promote Your Products

Each time you release a new product, you can have it uploaded and prominently displayed on LocalAutomation.com in a matter of seconds.   Simply upload a digital image and brief description of the product, and you've instantly created a beautiful webpage which is meticulously designed to encourage sales and attract high search engine rankings.

Promote Your Events

Advertise your upcoming events and create event registration pages with a few simple clicks.   You can specify a registration fee and maximum headcount for each event.   As soon as the maximum headcount is reach, the registration page automatically shuts down.

Create E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

When you add a new product, press release, or event to LocalAutomation.com, not only does it create a new webpage for you, it also creates a professional HTML e-mail which is ready to send to your customers.   You can e-mail your customers right from your site and then track to see who opens the e-mails!

Post Job Openings

Post automation job openings at your company... absolutely for free!   Each job opening will be listed in our job directory until the position is filled!

Issue Press Releases

Has your company been in the news recently?   Have you recently released a new product?   Post your press releases with a few simple clicks and have them appear simultaneously in our press release directory and on the homepage of LocalAutomation.com!

Bid on Automation Projects

View our comprehensive list of automation projects which have been submitted by buyers from all over the world.   Submit bids on those projects which fall within your areas of expertise!

Participate in Groups

Join one of our member-moderated automation groups or create your own!   There is simply no better way to share industry tips with like-minded professionals!

Chat Online

Chat live with other members or discuss automation-related topics in the Local Automation discussion section.

Network with Other Professionals

Generate answers to your difficult questions and introduce yourself to the world's fastest-growing network of industrial automation professionals!