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What is Local About It?


When someone visits LocalAutomation.com for the first time, our software automatically detects the visitor's geographic location and then instantly tailors each page of our site to that location.   If the visitor views a page on motion controllers, for instance, LocalAutomation.com can instantly display the contact information for all of the distributors and integrators in the area that specialize in motion control.

Similarly, upcoming local events can be prominently displayed throughout the site.   There is no point in promoting events in Los Angeles to an automation professional in Boston.

Why is Location Important?

The automation industry is a complex, highly-specialized industry.   A single automated machine can contain hundreds of intricate mechanical and electronic devices, each requiring specialized training to install, service, and support.   Businesses that invest in automation understand the complexity of their investment and, as a result, often insist on purchasing automation products exclusively from manufacturers with an extensive, local support network.

Local Automation's geo-location algorithm automatically detects the geographic location of each visitor to our site and instantly tailors our web content to that location!